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Scavenger & Easter Egg Hunt highlight First Friday

GREENVILLE – Main Street Greenville is pleased to announce downtown Greenville’s Scavenger and Easter Egg Hunt First Friday on Friday, April 2. Although the Scavenger Hunt is not new to the First Friday line-up, the Easter Egg Hunt will be new for 2021.

The Scavenger Hunt will be held throughout the day and will end at 9 p.m. Gift cards from our downtown merchants will be hidden and a different business or businesses will be featured each hour beginning at 1 p.m. Follow Main Street Greenville on Facebook and you will get a clue as to where the gift card is hidden. We ask that the person finding the gift card take a selfie and tag Main Street Greenville in your post so others will know that the gift card has been found. A different clue and a different card will be available each hour. Some of the cards may be hidden inside downtown businesses while others may be hidden in front of those businesses. It is up to you to unlock the clue and find the card.

The Easter Egg Hunt will begin at 6 p.m. and continue until 9 p.m. This is not your traditional Easter Egg Hunt where a child would go and collect the eggs. With this being in the downtown area we want our children to be safe. We will have approximately 40 eggs hidden throughout downtown and in YOLO and Rotary Parks. The eggs will be easy to find. Instead of taking the egg with the child, we ask that you open the egg and grab the piece of paper that is in the egg. There will be a different marking or a different color for each piece of paper and we ask that you don’t take all of the papers out of the egg. Leave some for others. Those pieces of paper can then be turned in at the Welcome Center, 421 S. Broadway, Greenville, for a prize. The more pieces of paper you collect, the better your chance of winning one of two Easter Baskets. There will be a place on the paper for you to write the child’s name and phone number.

Many of our downtown businesses will be open late to help you do some last minute shopping before Easter. They will also be offering special promotions and events throughout the Scavenger and Easter Egg Hunt First Friday. Keep watching Main Street Greenville’s social media pages for more information.

Main Street Greenville is a non-profit organization committed to stimulating and supporting revitalization efforts, historic preservation and economic growth in Historic Downtown Greenville. To learn more about the organization, visit or call 937-548-4998. You can also like the organization on Facebook to receive updates on a regular basis (

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