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Main Street Greenville promotes historic preservation and economic development, resulting in a cultural downtown district that attracts and retains businesses and entrepreneurs, making downtown a desirable destination.


The Main Street approach to downtown revitalization was developed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The Trust saw an ever-escalating loss of historic commercial architecture and loss of community sense of history. To stop this trend, the trust began in 1977 to develop a model for downtown historic preservation. The process is a four-point approach to address organization, design, marketing, and business enhancement.


Main Street Greenville is a downtown affiliate member of Heritage Ohio. We work through a 15-member volunteer Board of Directors and much of our work is accomplished through volunteer committees. 


Why is our downtown


  • A vital downtown retains and creates jobs, which also means a stronger tax base. Long-term revitalization establishes capable businesses that use public services and provide tax revenues for the community.

  • Downtown is a good incubator of new businesses - the building blocks of a healthy economy. Strip centers and malls are often too expensive for new entrepeneurs.

  • A healthy downtown care can increase and protect property values in surrounding residential neighborhoods.

  • The traditional commercial district (downtown) is an ideal location for independent businesses, which in turn: keep profit in town, support local families with family owned businesses, support local community projects, provide a stable economic foundation, as opposed to a few larger businesses and chains with no ties to stay in the community.

  • A revitalized downtown increases the community's options for goods and services (food, clothing, professional services, housing, and entertainment).

  • Downtown provides an important civic forum, where members of the community can congregate. Special events and celebrations held downtown help reinforce an intangible sense of community. 

  • Downtown becomes a tourist attraction by virtue of the character of buildings, location, selection of unique businesses and events. 


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