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The following list of FAQs are guidelines to the DORA rules. They should only be used as a guideline. Some of the information contained in this document is from the Ohio Department of Commerce.

Q: What is a DORA?

A: A Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) is a specially designated area which allows patrons of an establishment serving alcohol to take an open container of alcohol out of the business and walk around the public streets. As a reminder, this is limited to patrons over the age of 21. Drinks must be in special cups designated as DORA cups. These cups can be obtained at all participating alcohol establishments inside the DORA. Section 4301.82 of the ORC creates an exemption from the Open Container Law; under the statue, a person who purchases beer or intoxicating liquor from the holder of a permit within the DORA.

Q: When and where is the DORA?

A: The DORA is a designated area defined by a series of signs stating No Alcoholic Beverages Beyond This Point. Downtown Greenville’s DORA stretches from the area of Garst Museum to the north, to the old Marsh parking lot to the south and from Walnut and Sycamore to the east and west.  (See map below) DORA beverages are not permitted on private property unless consent is given. For example, unless a business has a green DORA Beverages Permitted window cling on their front window, the patron should assume DORA beverages are not permitted. Some businesses will have a red DORA Beverages Not Permitted window cling. The DORA is in effect Monday through Sunday from noon to 10 p.m. Special hours of the DORA will be allowed as designated in advance by the Mayor or Safety/Serivce Director for the occasion of holidays or special events, with the consent of City Council.

Q: May a person bring their own alcohol into a DORA?

A: No. Ohio open container law prohibits a person from having an opened container of alcohol on a permit premises that was not purchased from that permit holder even if the permit premises are within a DORA purchased elsewhere?

Q: Can I request a temporary alcohol permit (F2) within a DORA?

A: Yes. However, any F2 permit within any portion of a DORA must use the DORA boundaries as their boundary.

Q: Is a DORA safe?

A: The City of Greenville Police Department will provide routine patrols and will enforce responsible behavior. For planned events that may draw an additional crowd, the Police Chief may have additional officers assigned specifically to the DORA. One safety and one sanitation personnel will be available during all operational hours of the DORA. During special events and festivals minimum staffing of safety and sanitation personnel will be mandated.

Q: How will you handle an increase in trash due to the DORA cups being single use?

A: The City of Greenville Streets Department, assisted by private contractors will be responsible for ensuring that all the trash receptacles in the DORA are emptied regularly and are ample to handle generated waste. Special events, which are anticipated to draw additional crowds will be addressed by the placement of additional temporary trash receptacles and portable toilets. The Director of the street department will continually monitor the condition of the DORA and make any changes to the sanitation plan that are necessary to maintain a clean and presentable environment.

Q: Do I have to use special DORA Cups?

A: Yes. Any open alcohol which leaves an establishment must be in designated DORA cups. And, DORA cups must be empty to enter an establishment. Cups can be obtained at any participating establishment. These are single use cups. (See example below)

Q: Can I take my DORA beverage into a different establishment serving DORA beverages?

A: No. If you purchased a beverage at a participating DORA establishment, you cannot take that beverage into another participating DORA establishment.


Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area Map

DORA Map.jpg

Example of DORA cup

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