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New business comes to downtown Greenville

JC Mining Store/His Truth Education Ministries LLC began in 2014 as a mobile and online store until recently when they moved in and opened a brick and mortar store in Downtown Greenville, at 302 S. Broadway St.

JC Mining Store is a unique mixture of Christian books, CDs, DVDs, Christian T-shirts, rock-minerals, specialty jewelry and educational science-oriented toys. They also specialize in Fun Gem Mining and Gold Panning mining rough which you can BUY and mine in your own backyard or Mine LIVE with them!

Buy their gold ore for flour gold, flakes and maybe even a Nugget or two!...Great for a party, reunion, school or family event. They ship Mine Bags anywhere in the USA. Young children or those young at heart love discovering treasure, whether you have their mining ore shipped to your home or come to their brick and mortar store or a local fair-festival, their mining experience allows you to choose from a variety of mining ore enriched with a mixture of real gemstones, minerals, fossils, arrowheads or seashells.

All the fun begins when you pan your ore at their location at their portable sluice and watch as the water reveals your treasure. Once you have completed the process you will receive your own ID postcard to see what you discovered and take home your treasures to enjoy. They also sell small and medium 'crack your own' Geodes. Please check out their online Webstore Link to Place your order today if you can't make it into the local store.

They now offer Curbside Pickup! Just call us at 937-621-3192 or 937-459-5232 with your Order then come by for FREE Curbside

They don't have a lot of signage up yet so please shop with them and be patient with us as they grow!

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