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Yes - Over Half A Million Dollars!!!


We are THRILLED to share the following info with you. Our Win the Window contest ran from November 15th - December 15th. It included 51 participating downtown businesses. Based upon the number of ticket rolls that we started with and the number of unused tickets that were returned, we have estimated a total of 110,300 tickets were submitted for our contest!

Each ticket represented at least $5 spent at a downtown business. This gives us a total of $551,500 submitted for our contest - yes, OVER HALF A MILLION DOLLARS! Just amazing!

Thank you to everyone who shopped downtown Greenville this holiday season, we are so impressed by the amount of support!!! Also, thank you to Second National Bank for sponsoring this event. We appreciate your continued support for our downtown district!

Congratulations to Dennis Richards from Arcanum, Ohio who won the entire window filled with over $3,000 worth of prizes from the participating businesses!

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