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Wayne Cinemas to Soon Be Updated and Reopen as “The Wayne”


We are so excited to share this announcment with you! Please click HERE to read the story from

We are so thankful for Luke & Brandy Winterrowd's committment to our historic theater. We loved Luke's statement:

"My family and I love our community. We want to give the community and the county the movie theater it deserves. Everyone should have a place to go where they can enjoy themselves. We want to build strong ties again to the community. Support local business, organizations, charities, and causes. We live in this city and county, why not invest in it too? I know we have a major undertaking getting our community to come back to our theater. It has been neglected too long. I am ready, sleeves rolled up, and willing to do what it takes to get the job done."

We look forward to watching this project move forward. Our theater is a backbone in our downtown district and we are so blessed to have it.

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