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Less than 72 hours!

The generosity of those in our community is one of the many reasons this place is such a great place to live. We reached our goal of $750 in less than 72 hours for our Banner Replacement Project!

This was Main Street Greenville's first crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding creates an online platform for those in the community to donate quickly and easily to projects they care about, allowing them to be a part of the positive changes that organizations or individuals are doing for the community.

Thank you to everyone who donated to this project: Darke Rural Electric Greenville Rotary Darke County Visitors Bureau McCabe Painting Service John & Alice Keller Matt & Andrea Jordan Roger Snider Marc Saluk Sandy Heitfield John Baker Rob & Amber Garrett Eric Besecker Dave & Beth Fiely Sue Huston Ben & Abbie Hawes Rachel Williams Matt & Jen Staugler Anonymous Donor Linda Zerkle Tamara McNulty

We are so excited to print the new banners and hang them in the Spring!

Please click here to see photos and learn more. Thank you, Main Street Greenville

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