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Ted Grote Building

Last summer, Ted Grote decided to retire and sell his building after YEARS of service to the community.

Please click here to read the article by Bluebag Media: Make sure you read the beautiful poem written by Janet Wideman about the process of helping Ted with his process of saying good-bye to his beloved space in downtown Greenville.

A group of volunteers helped him move out of the space. It was a true honor to help this man who dedicated his life to documenting those who live here.

Thank you to our volunteers: Janet & Dirk Wideman Amber, Rob, and Phoenix Garrett CJ, Liam, and Charlie Jasenski Steve Birt David Nilsen John Baker Greg Metzcar Patti Jetter Nancy Person Julia Keller-Clark Gail Bankson Julie Kessen Diana & Gary Wagner

We felt it was very important to document Ted's space prior to moving any of the items out. Photographs in this album were taken by John Baker and Amber Garrett.

We will be holding a portrait sale on Sunday, May 17th during our Eat on the Street Food Truck Rally. Those who have had portraits taken by Ted will have the opportunity to sift through the images to find their portraits. We will be collecting donations for the images, all of which will go directly to Ted.

We have received many phone calls about portraits, please help us share the info. Thank you!

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