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Thankful for Team Main Street Greenville!


Sunni has been an intern for Main Street Greenville this summer. As with all of my interns, this girl is a rockstar. She has helped me clean-up trash, move into a new office, work on our new website, make phone calls, assist with event planning, and so much more. Our watering van needed a tune-up this week - which made the flower pots very dry. Today, she helped me carry buckets of water for 2 hours in the heat, to give the flower pots a drink. There are many times I worry my interns will want to quit, because of some of the requirements. During our watering adventure today, Sunni shared she loves it and wishes her internship didn't have to end next week. Another young person who now has a love for downtown Greenville and our community. I hope she knows how proud I am of her work and how thankful I have been to have her by my side. Team Main Street Greenville!

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