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We Did It - We Met Our Goal for New Bike Racks!

We are so inspired by the support we received to purchase eight new bike racks for downtown Greenville!In just 7 days, we raised over $3,000 for this project!

The volunteers on our Design Committee are so excited to order the bike racks and have them installed downtown this summer. Please stay tuned for updates on this project.

We truly appreciate the support of the following individuals and businesses who donated to this campaign. Without them, this project would not be possible.

Our project partners: Wayne HealthCare The Greyson James Steyer Memorial Fund

Our supporters: Second National Bank Ted & Diana Abney Steve & Eileen Litchfield Cox Insurance Agencies Anonymous Ben & Abbie Hawes Curt & Kellie Garrison Rick & Betty Birt Dave & Beth Fiely Colleen & Dan Hayes Matt & Chantal Hayes Rose & Teddy Liette Mike & Nancee Winner Dan & Jeni Berger Annie Sonner Anne Brumbaugh Bill & Kris Osterbur Patricia Bernhard Steve & Diana Stebbins Ben & Savana Shaltry Andy & Stacey Miller Phillip & Jodi Pierri Mike & Kim Murray Kim & Joey Manalo Rob & Amy Winner Roger Snider Linda Zerkle Sandy Hoying Mark Libert Anonymous Dan & Gina Wolf Matt & Andrea Jordan Mike & Leigh Fletcher Chris Campbell & Cassie Lambright Don & Diane Delaplane Matt & Jen Staugler Cherise D. Hairston Julie Helman Charlie & Joyce Conrad Amy & Jeremy Pelaston Joyce Barrett Daniel & Cassidy Helman Dennis & Kirsten Berghoff Donn & Charlene Thornhill The Coffee Pot Megan & Andy Corpus Robert & Gina Simpson Michael Rieman Rob & Amber Garrett

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