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The Flowers Are Here!

This Saturday, over 70 different planting areas were filled with beautiful flowers!

Thank you to all of the awesome volunteers for helping us with this giant task (even in the rain)! This program would not be possible without all of the donations from those in the community and the assistance from volunteers.

We would like to thank CMA Church and First Heavy Metal Church of Christ for sending groups of folks to volunteer!

Thank you to BASF for their sponsorship of this program - and for sending some helpful hands to assist with the planting!

Thank you to Greenville Lowe's for donating mulch!

Thank you to the City of Greenville Street Department for all of the hard work placing the flower pots and trimming the trees (and everything else you do!) - it looks great and we appreciate you!

Thank you to Dave Knapp Ford, Lincoln for providing a van for us to use as a watering vehicle. Another group of volunteers water the flowers downtown 3 times per week!

Thank you to the dedicated group of individuals who volunteer their time on our Design Committee. They help plan, organize, and assist with the Adopt-A-Box Flower Program all year round!

We also want to thank Miller Flowers Greenhouse & Florist! They are a huge supporter of this program, including delivering all of the flowers early in the morning!

Downtown looks beautiful and it is because of these people who care and help make it all possible.


Click HERE to view all photos from the event.

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