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Youniques Boutique Adds E-Commerce Option

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Youniques Boutique, located in downtown Greenville, now has customers located across the world! The shop recently expanded its customer base by opening an online shopping website.

After 15 successful years in downtown Greenville, shop owners Lelah Shoop and Hala Knapke are excited to grow their business with this additional option. “We chose to open our online store through a company called Through their main website, shoppers are are able to visit the world’s best boutiques online, including Youniques Boutique,” said Shoop.

Shopping online has increased drastically in the past 5 years. “By expanding online, they greatly increase their number of potential customers and establish themselves on a more level playing field with larger competitors,” said Amber Garrett, Executive Director of Main Street Greenville.

“We have already received numerous orders, so we are thrilled about that!,” said Knapke.

Earlier this year, Lelah and Hala updated the interior of their shop, located at 529 S. Broadway in downtown Greenville. “We wanted to give it a fresh look, comparable to a shopping experience you would receive at a boutique in a large city,” said Shoop. The updated look features an open floor plan with modern shelving and displays. The historic building already included original hardwood floors and stamped tile ceiling, but a color palette change took place to match the new design.

Lelah and Hala are thankful for those who choose to shop local and support their small business. “We thank our loyal local customers for their support. It has given us the opportunity to do what we both love, expand and update our business, as well as make it easier for those who have moved way to continue to shop at Youniques,” said Knapke.

To shop Youniques online, simply visit and search boutiques or find the direct link on their Facebook page at You can visit their shop at 529 S. Broadway, or contact them at 937-548-0496.

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