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Volunteers Needed for Pulling Flowers


Main Street Greenville's Design Committee will be pulling up the flowers before winter arrives and could use your help! All individuals, families, businesses, and groups are invited to help us accomplish this task.

On Monday, October 27th from 5-7 pm, we will meet downtown to pull the flowers, clean the flower beds, and spread a thin layer of mulch over the beds for the winter season (many thanks to Lowe's for donating all of the mulch for the winter, we appreciate their support!).

If you are able to help, please report to the gazebo in front of the courthouse at 5 pm. Even if you are unable to start at 5, you can join us anytime in the 5-7 pm time frame to help. Simply use the directions below to get started.

  • To help make this process easy and less messy, we will be placing the flowers in trash bags. Once the trash bags are full, leave them along the sidewalk for our volunteer truck to pick-up and dispose of at a compost location.

  • Please pick-up all trash in the flower box and then spread a thin layer of mulch over the dirt in the box (the mulch bags will be next to each box).

  • Make sure to sweep up the area around the box and make sure the area looks nice.

In the event of bad weather, a rain date has been scheduled for Monday, November 3rd from 5-7 pm.

We appreciate all of the support our organization receives for our Adopt-A-Box program and we look forward to another successful season in 2015!

​If you are interested in ​​assisting with this clean-up, please email or phone 937-423-2110 or 937-548-0432.​

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